Time of sync


Hello everyone, I’ve always seen that the app editor has a “SYC LEVEL” to supposedly test how long the synchronization time of an app would be according to the license that is being used. But I do not find any sense when I try the most expensive licenses and the synchronization time is sometimes higher than the free version. Will this be an appsheet error? Where can I find out my real time synchronization with each license?

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

Have you checked Manage >> Monitor >> Performance Profile?

(Gil Littman) #3

When syncing your app, AppSheet have to go to your database and read your tables. We can read several tables in parallel, and users on higher plans can read more tables in parallel than users on lower plans.
While this can make the app’s sync time much faster (especially if you have many tables), that’s not the only factor on sync time.
If you don’t see any improvement in sync times on the higher plans, it probably means your app won’t benefit much from doing more in Parallel.
You can use the performance profile, as @LeventK suggested, to understand better what’s happening when you sync.

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