Time reference?

I’m trying to make an app that tracks and keeps tour/concert info.

I’m having a hard time because I always have to enter the same times over and over in different sheets - itinerary, advance, show details, etc

Because as of yet, I haven’t figured out a way to reference “times”, is there a way to do this? I always just get errors saying that time is not a yes/no/list.

Say, I have all of the times already listed in the “shows” table.
Each show is linked to an itinerary and advance by the [show id]

Usually I’d reference or dereference the “show” table via the formula box…but I can’t get it to work :confused:

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there not a way to reference a time that’s already been entered on another table?


Only the “Show ID” needs to be Ref. Other columns need to be virtual Time type columns with an app formula like [Show ID].[Soundcheck]. When it’s a virtual column, it will change the time automatically if it’s changed in your main table.

My concern is that with virtual columns, they don’t enter the data in them into the spreadsheet, right?

Show I then say, reference the [sound check] column to the Vcolumn for its data to show in the spreadsheet?

Yes that’s true. Though you can use normal column as well, but if you change the time from the main table, you need to open all related records from other table(s). Otherwise you would have wrong time. This is the reason why you should have the same value only in one place.

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Thank you for explaining.

While I have the chance to ask a pro, I hope it’s ok if I ask

Am I doing this right?

I know that’s a broad question and hard to answer from just the spec, but, as far as the number of tables? I feel like I’m adding a lot, but I could be wrong?

Also, it’s hard to explain… but…my concern is the bottom half. Each table has around 30 columns and I feel like there’s an easier way to do what I’m trying to do, but I could be wrong…
it especially came to mind looking at the circled areas, as a “show” shouldn’t “have many” advances, or itineraries… just 1 of each… I’m not sure if this is just the way it is or is supposed to be/the way to do it or if I could’ve set it up better?

Thank you so much for your time.
I really love the platform and have been tinkering with it nonstop day in and out for weeks, I think (if I can pull it off lol) it’s gonna be a game changer for us(especially me lol)! :slight_smile: