Timed sync

I am curious if there is a way to trigger a resync? My app collects disc golfing scores and when complete the user is supposed to sync. There are several background calculations that are performed by Google Sheets and follow the completion of a sync from Appsheet. I would like Appshync to wait 45 seconds and then force a resync. Is there a way to do this and if not, it would be a handy feature.

Hi @Jerry_Power - what are the background calculations being performed? Ideally, those would occur in AppSheet instead of your data source.

I’m afraid that’s not possible directly with the app at this moment.

I agree, ideally, however until Appsheet has scripting capabilities I don’t see how it can all be done in Appsheet. I am considering seeing how much of the capabilities I can transfer, but some if it is too complicated. As I continue to work on the app maybe I will find work arounds or possibly I can limit some of the functionality I need.

Some of the functionality I need, I asked about in Google+ and was told that it could not be done.

Ok, thanks for the context @Jerry_Power.

@Jerry_Power I do something very similar. I have a workflow that runs when a recorded is added to a certain table. The workflow is a webhook that is pointed to my Google App script. To receive and use webhooks in your Google Script follow these instructions.

Then I use a ScriptApp.newTrigger() call as described in the following link in order to allow the script to “respond” to the webhook (or whatever the term is, tells AppSheet that it has received the webhook succesfully), and then delay the running of a function for a set amount of time.


Although I will second what Peter said. Best to have the calculation done in AppSheet. I setup this up when I first started using AppSheet, but already knew how to accomplish a lot in Google Scripts. Now that I know a lot more about AppSheet, I’m seeing many ways to accomplish my goals besides using the Scripts. Although there might be a point to be made about offloading some calculation processing to an external script in order to make the app run quicker??