Timenow in Workflow

how can I put TIMENOW() in the workflow? and how it works?

<<TIMENOW()>> will create a timestamp to your email when it was created.

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how to make timenow () in the workflow change the timenow() in the column, can it?
because the timenow in the column can be changed by the employee on their device

I m not sure what you are saying.
The workflow expression Alexsi advised to you should be a solution?

If you want to read the Timestamp value from the record, then use… <<[DateTimeColumn]>>

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You can do this with a Data Change workflow using an action of type Data: set the values of some columns of this row. However, note that the value set that way will reflect the time the row was received by the AppSheet server after a sync, so it may not accurately reflect the time the data was added or updated by the user.