Timers cant wait

I see a huge potential for this request.

Our company is working on getting our entire HACCP/BRC program on AppSheet.

The one thing that would greatly improve the experience is the ability to send notifications via timers.

The timers would be Iive timers, so you could put them on your dashboards as well. They could start counting down from the last time a row was added/updated to a table.

We have some checks that need to happen every 10 minutes. Would be really nice to be able to push a notification 9 minutes since the last row was added to a certain table.

Our app launcher has about 15 apps on it right now. Various checks and items that need to be done throughout the day. some hourly. Some every 2 hours. Some every 10 minutes. Our Empoyees are having a hard time keeping track. Especially since everything is being launched from the app launcher.

Timers would be amazing especially in the manufacturing category.

Many people have a need for frequent notifications. I understand why AppSheet may not want to make this a global feature because it could be potentially very resource intensive if automated actions are happening from an app every 10 min

However, there is a work around. We use EasyCron.com for special projects that need very frequent scheduled actions. This is an API based timer system. You create a timer via a Webhook from AppSheet, and the the timer goes off sending a Webhook out to a notification service (Zapier possibly) to send your message. This is very reasonably priced and the entry level tier should be able to handle all your timers.


Thank you very much. I will look into this.

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