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Hi, My Regular Hours column or App Formula displays Total Hours with a - if timezones are between AM and Pm or over 8 Hours: Examples belows
Total Hours



Overtime Hours


How can I rectify this to give me something like Total Hours = 10:00 or 15:00

Is your start and end time columns are DATETIME type?

No, they are “Time” type

So according to this timesheet, the total hour shall be calculated as around 17hrs. Am I right?
If that’s the case, you should first change your time column to DATETIME, so that we exactly now the start datetime and end datetime. Than it’s easy to calculate.

From your example it seems that the work had started 12:55pm today and ended 6:12am in the morning today (or may be it’s the next day, who knows). Therefore AppSheet cannot correctly define the start and end resulting in negative hours.

Actutally, as AppSheet is based on AJAX code, there is no TIME in AJAX, JAVA and JavaScript. All you have is DATETIME only and DATE and/or TIME values are jointly calculated against EPOCH as per ISO8601 JODA TIME. So the Time In value you see is considered as 1/1/1970 12:55:53 PM and Time Out value you see is considered as 1/1/1970 06:12:00 AM and results in negative value.

Should I change the Total Hours column only or Time In and Time Out as well?

[Time In] and [Time Out] columns shall be DATETIME, and [Total Hours] column shall be DURATION

Thanks, I get 17:16:07 Total Hours.

I have a Google Sheet for Regular Hours, Overtimes that still gives me “-16646224:44”, and that formula for Regular Hours is =ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(E2:E), IF(TIMEVALUE(E2:E)>0.3333333333, TEXT(0.3333333333, “hh:mm”),E2:E),))

and for Overtime Hours =ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(E2:E), IF(TIMEVALUE(E2:E)>0.3333333333, TEXT(E2:E-0.3333333333, “hh:mm”), 0),))

Why do you need to calculate the regular hours and overtimes with Sheet Formulas like ARRAYFORMULA? It’s an expensive expression and increases the app’s sync time. Why don’t you calculate them with your app?

I don’t know how to calculate it using the App. It only has regular hours and I could only get assistance with Google Sheet formula.

Desirable, I want to calculate overtime and overtime pay. I can share with you my Google Spreadsheet.

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