Timesheet Total Weekly Hours Report


I am trying to create a detail view, that shows me how many weekly hours each engineer has done.

basically: when I select the week number and engineer name I want to see how many hours they have worked.

The formula I was trying is: If(and([Week Number] = Timesheet[Week Number],[Engineer Name]=Timesheet[Engineer Name],Sum([Total Hours],)

But I keep getting an error can not compare list. I have tried a Lookup function but I cant figure out how to combine it into a sum.

Any help would be great


Timesheet[Week Number] is a table-column reference and produces a list of all values in the (Week Number) column of the (Timesheet) table. You probably only want the singular column value from one particular row. Similar situation with Timesheet[Engineer Name].

On the other hand, Sum([Total Hours],) includes a singular column value ([Total Hours]) when SUM() wants a list of values. Also, there’s an extra comma in there.

I can’t quite figure out exactly how you’re trying to approach this. A detail view is attached to a table or slice. Which table or slice is your detail view attached to? A detail view displays one row at a time of that table or slice. What are the columns of that table or slice? Please post a screenshot of the table’s column list from Data >> Columns in the app editor.

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