Timestamp but for text?


I am making a dispatch app and my dispatch will be creating the job and he will be selecting the things (codes) that must be done. What i want is in the case where the technician has more or less (codes) to do, i want to be able to keep track of what was added or removed. Any ideas of how this can be implemented in the app? Also an option where what the dispatch selected and that is the actual work nothing has t o change.

P.S. what i mean by codes is like when you go to a customer and you have to fix the toilet let say or the dishwasher etc.

the only option i found today was the changecounter. So that if the selected field has been modified i will have to take a look at what.

There is no inherent way to do what you want, so you’d have to develop something. To offer suggestions, it might help to know why you want to track the changes.

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it is for verification purposes. Did the dispatch made an error when he was selecting the codes, did the technician did more than was originally specified in the service call or did the customer canceled some of the tasks we had to do. i am trying to blend the verification and the billing in the same app. currently the verification is done whit google sheet and the employees use appsheet to close the tickets. Then we verify the total of both sheets to see if there are any differences. If there is we look at why if not we proceed to billing.

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One approach might be to have two columns: on for the worked requested, another for the work done. You could possibly use an Editable? expression to allow only the dispatcher to modify the work requested, and only the technician to modify the work done?


Yes this just game me an idea thank you very much!!

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