Timestamp lock


Is there any way to lock the timestamp so it cannot be altered by the user? I had it hidden in my apps main view so the user could not see it (and therefore not edit it) but I realized I needed it visible in a detail view…so now it is visible in both views. In the main view the user can click to the right of it and input any time/date which is not the functionality I am looking for. I am looking for the actual time the user makes an input.

Thank you

Try to kick this simple expression into the showif constrain for the field you want to show only for the detail view. This will hide that field for form view, meaning the user can not edit, even wont see when they enter the data through the form.


Or like NOT(Context(“ViewType”)=“form")

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Set Editable? to FALSE. This is literally what Editable? is for.

The first two solutions worked, thank you.

I tried this initially as it seemed like the perfect solution but when I set Editable to false and save the app, it just reverts right back to TRUE.

I know what you mean, therefore, I suggested to take my tricks.
Anyway, great to hear you solve the problem.