Timezone bug

Having an issue with the timezone in google calendar data. When I create an event from my app between now and sunday 3-14-21, the time on the event is correct. However any event i create after sunday 3-14-21 has an hour added to it on google calendar. all the events created when i view them from google calendar have the wrong timezone, but the ones between now and sunday seem to account for it. Please help!

There’s no need to post multiple threads on the issue. If you believe it is a bug, please contact support@appsheet.com


If I may add, based on my testing and as per my understanding, it seems to be happening due to the way Google calendar handles time and daylight savings that kick in on 14th March and last until November 7, 2021 ( This year)

The device time does not consider daylight savings time when one creates a calendar event before 14th March, while Google calendar seems to be adding 1 hour for any events between 14th March - 7th November

If one tries creating a Google calendar event today (Before 14th March) in an app that takes place after November 7 , 2021 then the Google calendar will not add 1 hour because the daylight saving ends after November 7.

In summary, this cyclical thing will happen every six months. Easier option could possibly be

  1. If one is setting an event date between 15 Mar and 7 Nov before 14th March, please set time one hour before in the app form.

  2. If one is setting an event date after 7 November 2021 and one is doing it between 15 Mar and 7 Nov in the app, add one hour to the expected time in the app form.

Advancing or retracting device time may not be very practical, because one may need to alternatively set events after or before these daylight saving slots.


Wow, this is very helpful. Thank you for the explaination, yeah that is probably best and i can use the dates to condition a warning/notification as to when even must be scheduled 1hour in advanced. Thanks again

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You are welcome.

However please do test it well on a few test cases before an all out rollout. Also some possible edge cases to consider are an event that starts on say 12th March and ends on say 17th March. In such case “Start” field will need adjustment but not the “End” field.

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