Tips for summary view tables

Hello everyone in the community, have a questionRegarding my application with the following problem.

I have an application that tracksThat I’m currently working on. This source sheet has the following columns
(sheet name) EXPENSES
[ID], [due date] , [amount] , [project]

      In any given date, I can have various expenses from different projects with the same date, such as 

1 - 6/1/2019 - $1000 - project 1
2 - 6/1/2019 - $2000 - project 2
3 - 6/2/2019 - $3000 - project 3
4 - 6/2/2019 - $4000 - project 1, etc

I would like to create a view with a total sum cost per day that would automatically reflect as I add costs row in the EXPENSES sheet. such as

1- 6/1/2019 - $3,000
2 - 6/2/2019 - $5000

I looked into creating a new table source with a [date] column which would have a virtual column to SUM up the chosen date expenses based of the entry date; but my goal is to automatize the process and have the summary add it up automatically, and I would not have to entry every date manually.
I was thinking there might be a way to do this using virtual columns and a IFNOTBLANK type of formula.

Any help and ideas are much appreciated;

Thank you all;

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If your data source is Googlesheet, then google sheet formula could help.

Use query function to get what you need.

Please see the sample here.

Google sheet formula will calculate the sum per each unique date. Then you use this sheet as table on Appsheet to make a view of what you need.

Hope this would help.

Otherwise, I hope other community member comes up with better solution for you.


I like this idea.

I used Excel Querys and are verry helpfull.
Other kind of solution is to create Dynamic Tables, and upload the table. It´s easier for the ones that don´t know how to create a Query

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