Tips on Azure Active Directory Usage

The official article on Azure Active Directory integration is very short. Especially mysterious is the phrase “You may need to first configure your Active Directory enable API access.” I have not been able to get AD integration to work yet. Here’s what I have done so far:

  • Create a new Azure Active Directory tenant. Let’s say I used the account to administer tenant. This was done at the Free service level if that matters.
  • Created some users and groups. User |member of> Inventory Group |member of> of AD-Test Group
  • Signed into AppSheet using a different developer account. I suspect this might be part of the problem.
  • Added the domain to AppSheet. AppSheet prompted me and I used (admin for the tenant) account when prompted by AppSheet. This appears to work. I named it active_directory-1
  • In my test app (Test AD) I added the authorization domain just created. Appears to work.
  • Tried to add the group AD-Test group to the app’s domain authentication. I expected a pull down list to let me select a group. That’s why AppSheet would need access to the group list, right?

Do I need to be logged into the AppSheet editor using the same account I used to add the AD source? I could see that since a request to get a list of groups would have to be authenticated somehow. I would think that AppSheet would save the credentials used to access AD like it does for data sources.

Anyway, I could use some help with this. If you have AD working, how did you do it?