Tips to improve Sync Times - 40-50 sec sync times

I have a client with 40-50 sync times and its really starting to impact their daily ops. I’d consider they’re application a “medium” on the complexity scale - nothing too crazy. I have the following settings turned on - could there be conflicting flags turned on here? Any other ways for me to check what may be causing the delay?

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There’s some reality good information on this thread.


In general, data sources can have an impact. Security filters, you’re plan level, slices, mainly though, it’s virtual columns.


Also crazy formatting rules…
Stay away from formatting rules that reach into other tables for conditions.


Thanks Grant - great info. How did you find the culprits in your application ? Is there an analyzer we could run in AppSheet to help us identify the sync time hogs? I have other clients with more complex and involved vc’s than this application and would’ve guessed they would have the issues but they’re running fine.

This client is on Google Sheets and the Pro plan. Do the database applications (mySQL etc) run significantly faster?

Yesterday’s sync times:

If you click the binoculars there, then expand the tree you will see the detailed sync times… Usually you start with the big ones and work your way down.

Databases run faster because the security filters are passed as a query on the db when appsheet pulls the data… Vs. other data sources, the entire data set is downloaded, then appsheet does the query, then passes it to the device. You would also be on the business plan so you get more concurrent table processing.


Thanks Grant, I’m running through the data now.

Thanks as well for the insight on the business plan option. I’ve reviewed this with our client in the past but the price has scared them off. I’d love to gather some more info on your experience with the Business Plan. Maybe we can chat for just a few minutes when you have a moment. My email is

Thanks again Grant

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I’ll shoot you an email.