Title Case Function? This there any Title Ca...

(Colin) #1

Title Case Function?

This there any Title Case function that can covert the First Letter of each work in a string to upper case, as might be applied in a name like:

john citizen


John Citizen


Ideally it might be part of a set of formatting functions like Microsoft Word offers:



(A Sentance Case and even an Toggle Case might be handy too.)

So far I have only found this Appsheet resource:


Thank you for your clarifications.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Colin,

As per my understanding, the title case and sentence case functions are currently unavailable.

As an alternative, in case you are looking for converting a string such as two or three word text into title case, irrespective of what case user types in,

you may wish to construct an expression using other

existing AppSheet functions. You can deploy that expression in an event action that converts the two

or three word text into title case on record save command.