tl;dr: Add new entry to a table in response t...

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tl;dr: Add new entry to a table in response to changes in another table.

I need to create an app for employees to check off recurring daily tasks. I need to have two outputs from this app: two tables, one which is a “real-time” progress indicator and one that is a daily report that adds a new entry each time a task is completed. So far, my app shows all of the tasks, their completeness status, and allows users to click into the task and edit the task details. I want this edit to correspond with two outputs: updating the “real-time” database (which it does), and also adding a new entry into the daily reports table.

There are two tables concerned with this, 1) Master Database and 2) Daily Reports.

As of right now there is 1 action button that updates the Task rows in the Master Database. I want to make it so that when someone updates a Task row in the Master Database, it creates a new row in the Daily Report table with the details of that specific Row Edit action. Is this possible?

Thank you for all of your help


Hi @Cameron_McKinley Have you considered making Daily reports a slice of the Master database?