To display the pdf that created with Workflow immediately after save button clicked

Hi everyone, Is it possible to display the pdf that created using Workflow immediately after save button clicked.

Let say the case that I refer if the customer made a payment at the counter, after the cashier cliked the save button, then the receipt (in pdf) displayed automatically in the apps so that the cashier can print out the receipt. Thanks for the help.

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That’s not possible because the pdf is probably not saved yet to your data source. You can create a link to you record and then the user can open it and print it.

I am working on a potential solution for this case. I hope to share my results here in a couple of days.


I have shared an app in my portfolio - that is based on the Order Capture sample.

It shows this functionality although it doesn’t display the receipt right after saving the form - instead there is a Receipt action button in the detail view that can display the receipt.

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Hi @Bellave_Jayaram Nice! The App is view only. Is that intentional?

Yes it is. I am using Markdown to create a webpage and I didn’t want to reveal the secret sauce :slight_smile:

The Markdown being rendered is displayed in the detail view of each Order.


I dont even able to try it since I cant Sync I can really test it.

But if it works as you say . Do you sell it ? I need just that little part.


Geovanni Rojas

Can you show an example of how you display the PDF file after the form is submitted?

If you click on Receipt 2 in the sample app I have shared, you can see that it brings up a dialog to select a printer. I did not do it but instead of doing that, the code can display the PDF in the same or different browser window. See this for some tips -

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