To-do list for a group of people where to-do task need to be done in a certain priority order

I’m looking at developing an app for a group of people in a team with a number of task each day, sort of a to-do list. I want the group to be able see all the task (maybe 8-9 task per day) but I only want them to be able to mark off complete for the first task. Once that is done then they can mark the second task as complete, then the third one and so on. I want the group to be able to see all task for that day but only work on them in a certain order based on the priority I set.


What are you looking for from the community?

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I currently have each daily task as a record with a field that indicates its priority from 1 to 9. I would like some suggestions to only make task 1 available for them to update, once task 1 is complete then they would be able to update task 2 and so on


I’d imagine you’d use an action (in Behavior >> Actions in the app editor) to provide the user with a way to indicate a task is complete. The action has a property called Only if this condition is true that contains an expression. If the expression evaluates to true, it indicates the user should be allowed to perform the action. You’d want to construct an expression that evaluates as true only if the row is the top one in the to-do list.