To do list system HELP

Hi, I’m actually working on an application, but I’m stuck. I’m trying to build a “todo-list”.
I tried to select rows with enum list and then based on this selection, i’d like to add these columns values in another table.

I almost found the solution but it adds 3 times the same tasks, instead of one.

Hi Jackie! Welcome to the community!

First, I’d like to point out that there is a pre-built To Do list app you can get for free. You’ll find it in the Education menu above under “App Templates”. Just search to “To Do”. If nothing else, it may be a good starting point for your custom app.

To help with your current issue, we will need to see some details on how you have currently implemented the function so we can help determine where the issue is. Can you provide some screenshots of what you have built so far?


I just found out why. it was because the button “forEachRowInTable” was desactivated.

Thanks =)