To drop "previous view" state upon navigating to another view, using deeplink + previous view (new) action

Taking this opporunity, please allow me to repeat the feature requests which possibly previously posted by other members before.

Now we are getting more of options to nagivate to another view using deepling action as well as new “return to previous view” actions. Furthermore, linktorow(row, dashboard) is another recent enhancement to let app creator to build the custom navigation to guide the app user to next view in view of the workflow over the apps.

However, the big problem is we are NOT able to drop the state of “previous view”. Most of our app do have custom navigation, using those action, deeepline, return to previous view. Good or bad, AppSheet is always remembering what was the previous view all the time. That is causing problem, that we need to hit the action button (either custom action to return to previous view or native action button at the upper left corner). Just to return to the previous view that the user want to go back to, we need to ask user to hit the return action button number of the times.
This is because we dont have option to drop the previous view state.

I tried to find out the hidden tricks, such as custom parameter, by adding, &wipe=1, at the end of deeplink expression, but it actually does nothing. On the complex use cases, we guide the user to next view (we want them to land for next) using custom action, mostly deeplink expression. To go back to a certain “previous” page, the user need to hit return actions at the same number of time to go back to.

After the user is guide to another view by those actoin, at the end , they will lose their way to go back … hitting return button numerous number of the time is not really ideal. They dont know where they are now on the app.

Hope this essential feature is going to be taken at some point of time.