To identify who is the actual / current owner of the apps where we are added as co-author

If I m not wrong, there is no way to find the current “owner” of the app which is shared with me and addted as co-author of the app.
Yes, we are able to edit the app (as co-authur title), but there is no where to find who is currently own the app? When the app is shared and email notification was sent, the we know that on the email body to find how shared the app.

But even digging into the app documatation, we are not able to find info about the current owner ID or email for that shared app.

Thank you.


Probably the best place to show this is INFO pane, App Properties or somewhere.



When you share an app, the new owners ID is concatenated to the end of the App’s ID string.

  • So from Steve’s images, If he were to share that app with me…
    • The ID would change to include MY ID at the end.

For example: check out the ID of the following app, which has changed owners-hands 4 times:

  • The current owner of the app has an account ID of “355810”
    • Now I just have to know who’s account that is…
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You can check the apps privacy policy to get the parent accounts email

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Thanks guys. @Steve @MultiTech_Visions @Jonathon

The suggestion from Steve is not always perfect. As app name stays the same even the app ownership is transfered from A to B. So not exactuly 100 % correct if the id on the ID name is the absolute owner or not.

Thanks Jonahon, yes, I overlooked that part.

But it is deeply nested to find it out. (like I did not notice unless you guide me)

I hope this information (ownership) is made readiy availble to find it out for everyone.

My feature request remains.

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Hi @tsuji_koichi-- thanks for this feature request! We’re keeping it in mind and working on it. We will keep you posted!


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