To manually build URL for sample apps

Recently, the changes could have been made and introduced by AppSheet to construct the URL to reach out to the sample app you made.

Bug Bug fix for rebranding Sample Apps to Templates. The route samples/?appGuid was not working properly for users inside the rollout. Now samples?appGuid as templates?appGuid is supported.

Still it was not clear even after we reviewing the recent announcement by the team.

I check and tested to learn how to manually construct URL for sample app, and found a working formula. Still not sure if it is well founded, so appreciate for AppSheet team interation to this topics.

Firstly, this is one of the recently working sample app url. This is taken from one of AppSheet sample (recently renamed to Template)

> ""

Then this could be formulated to :

Just replace APP_ID with your own app unique App_ID
For the part of ANYTEXT, you can change it over to any arbitrary text, but you can not omit this part.



Awesome, thank you @tsuji_koichi for this tip !


@tsuji_koichi Thanks.

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It’s not supported for me but your method works instead:


does not work for me but


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As I explainin, you can not omit AnyText part of URL formula.

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Right, but AppSheet is saying that this has been fixed, right?

By the way, I wrote a “Tips” article that is very similar to this one a couple weeks ago:

Our URL construction methods are basically the same but I didn’t describe the ANYTEXT part as clearly as you did, though I too noticed that. Actually, I’m not comfortable with having to have text in the ANYTEXT spot, when it isn’t really necessary. I’m worried that this won’t be stable and that, at some point, URLs will stop working. Also, if the ANYTEXT can be anything, why not have a simplier format (fewer letters) as the default. In that sense, I think that


should be the default but neither seems to work yet (at least for me).

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I do not any idea where AppSheet stands on this, as they never gave us any detailed explanation and clarification unfortunately.
Our URL placed here and there did started NOT to work all the sudden, so we worked whole day to change them over to the ones in line with format I introduced.
I m just factual, for the moment, we are not able to omit ANYTEXT part of strings, that s about it.
Not sure if this is bug or not, as the AppSheet never clarify that.

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Right. I also find that we cannot omit ANYTEXT. I too hope that AppSheet will clarify this.

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I also added this statement as well.


Attn @Arthur_Rallu

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The fix is in — no need to have ANYTEXT for /templates route to work. Apologies for the confusion and issues this bug created!

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I understood this was caused by a bug, and now fixed.
Is my understanding correct, reagardless of with/without ANYTEXT strings would work equally? I mean we can omit ANYTEXT, but we are also able to pass ANYTEXT value to construct URL?

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Correct :slight_smile:{appId} will work where longName is optional


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Thank you. So understand this behavior will stay alive, i.e. the ANYTEXT part is just optional and we are able to pass ANY arbitrary string to it, but it acts in the same way. I will bear in mind, thank you.