To reduce the data change while we are chaging value from quick edit with range UI

When we set the number/decimal value with quick edit for detail view, it causes bunch of “data changes” instead of one change.


This is making our app inefficient, and making apps sync unnecessarily slow even just a change of the value from A to Z.

Without pushing data change per single decrease/increase step, data change could only happen we leave the range selector. Then sync data to backend servers.

For now, while we move the selector right and left, AppSheet is sending data changes per step as we defined on column settings.

Thank you.


It’s all fun and games until one of your users stacks 999 syncs messing up with a slide bar


If the app is off line use, easily we are reaching to thousands of pending sync which is ridiculous. ……




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This can be a HUGE problem when this type of control is used. This is a BUG. The other controls trigger the update when the control loses focus - which is as it should be. The Slider control needs to behave in the same way.

It needs to be fixed right away! Who knows it may have already caused server performance issues with some user having fun watching the pretty numbers going up, up, UP…not knowing the impact it was causing! :slight_smile:




A fix for this is on the way and should be out in the next couple of days - keep an eye out in the release notes!


Thank you @Amy for quickly attending to this . Yes we keep our eyes on the upcoming release note to test new codes, thank you.

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