Today, I seem to be having issues with updati...

(John Baer) #1

Today, I seem to be having issues with updating Slices.

Yesterday i was able to create and update without a problem.

Today, I renamed some columns in a database and regenerated.

when i tried to re-add the newly renamed columns and then Save, I just get the 'waiting dots" and the Save never completes.

I tried changing a Slice in a completely different app and same problem so i don’t think it is related to the regeneration.

I am able to make other changes and Save without issue.

I have noticed that the development interface has changed slightly, meaning when I add a column to the Slice, it no longer provides a dropdown to select the column to add.

Clicking the “+” button automatically adds the next column to the list.

So maybe the Save issue is related to the recent UI changes?

(John Baer) #2

Ok, just tried again and it appears to be working as expected again.