TODAY() shows next day data at 8pm

This should be a quick solve, but my TODAY() expression begins showing the next day data at 8pm. Is there an internal clock that needs to be set in Appsheet?

Check your browser or phone locale / time zone settings

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ok will do. But if it was running a report at 8pm, and the report was only for rows where the start_date = TODAY(), where does it find the date? it don’t think it would be from a browser, because which browser would it grab it from?

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This is not the issue. Its firing at the proper time. the issue is the filter condition. When it fired last night at 8pm, I wanted to send it with data from today…

but TODAY() gave me Tomorrow. So I rewrote it as TODAY()-1. My question is… something is off with my TODAY() where at 8pm, it thought I was already into tomorrow. Maybe my appsheet is set to UTC.

Yeah, I would guess the server’s time zone is being used.