Toggle Button 1) Toggle btw 2 values 2) Toggle to multiple values and back to 1st one

This is Enum data type, but always present single option. Set this filed as quickly editable on detail view. It works like this.


First “button” is toggling between 2 values.

Second button is toggleing to next defined valued and then do so on. Back to the first value.

Set up is easy.

See the data filed configs.

< Button 1>

<Button 2>


Use case ?

  • Toggle show the column and then hide. Toggle.
  • Make the fields quickly editable or lock them.



Use just like “Accordion” component


Hitting enum option button which is changing value, and fire workflow.
Use case ”As fake action button”

In this sample, hit the button. which change the value.

Then workflow is trigger to send notifications.


Simple yet creative and most importantly very useful tips/tricks from @tsuji_koichi

Thank you @tsuji_koichi


Cool little trick… thank you! :slight_smile:

Could we use the ‘valid_if’ to make the toggles Relational to each other?

This is a good question, actually. Thanks.

You see this screenshot

Actually no data sync is happening even after toggling value. For this screenshot, I took from app where I pushed the expression into ValidIf rather than suggested value. At the same time, we hide the validation error message by passing " " into the validation error message.

As you can see, my expression is always make the values INVALIDATED all the time. The value will be never going to be validated. That s a logic behind.

The benefit of moving the expression onto valid is that the app will not SYNC the data change. Toggling the valid is not necessarily needed to be saved to the backend.
However, when you have another field on the save table made to be “quickly editable”, then problem is going to happen. You are not able to make a change the values for those fields through quick-edit mode.

Yes, it is doable and you can place the expression into validif section, but you need to be aware of pros/cons for both options.