+Tony Fader [AppSheet] I've got another bug? ...

(Grant Stead) #1

@tony I’ve got another bug? The value from the expression tester is what I want, but it doesn’t match what i’m getting in the app. ThunderLit-Report-297211 https://cl.ly/siCM

(Grant Stead) #2

cl.ly - Screen recording 2018-07-03 at 07.19.45 PM.mp4 Screen recording 2018-07-03 at 07.19.45 PM.mp4 cl.ly

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

For you last video… the NUMBER and DECIMAL expressions are meant to convert the text string as a number (or decimal). Like for example… DECIMAL(CONCATENATE(“15”,".",“04”))*100 will give you a decimal value 15.04 and you can calculate with it.

(Grant Stead) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio that first video is pretty off huh?

(Grant Stead) #5

@praveen any idea why this would behave like this?

(Grant Stead) #6

This is my column definition for the Virtual Column List. and the expression that defines that list: =FILTER(CLOCK_Clean,

AND( [clock_shiftdate]<=[_THISROW].[esr_range_finish],


IN([clock_shift], [_THISROW].[esr_range_selected_shifts]), IN([clock_C_es], [_THISROW].[esr_eslist]) ) )

cl.ly - Image 2018-07-04 at 1.32.50 PM.png Image 2018-07-04 at 1.32.50 PM.png cl.ly

(Grant Stead) #7

And, here is the expression in a Virtual column type Decimal that isn’t returning the correct results… =HOUR(SUM([VC_List_Clock][clock_duration])) + MINUTE(SUM([VC_List_Clock][clock_duration]))/60.0

(Grant Stead) #8

Alright, I fixed the List not showing up. I don’t understand it, but I fixed it. My list expression was comparing dates, and my plan was that if the dates are left

blank on either start, finish, or both that it would leave it open… I changed my list expression to the below. What’s weird is that appsheet still knew the right count of results, but simply didn’t display the list… (side note, do you guys have a better idea that simply +/- 20 years?)


AND( [clock_shiftdate]<=IF(ISBLANK([_THISROW].[esr_range_finish]), TODAY()+7305, [_THISROW].[esr_range_finish]),

[clock_shiftdate]>=IF(ISBLANK([_THISROW].[esr_range_start]), TODAY()-7305, [_THISROW].[esr_range_start]),

IN([clock_shift], [_THISROW].[esr_range_selected_shifts]), IN([clock_C_es], [_THISROW].[esr_eslist]) ) )