Too many Detail and Form views - one for each slice


If you create a Table view based on a Slice, it creates a Detail and Form view for that Table/Slice. I have a few slices on the same table and have many Table view (one for each slice). Now, I have to make changes in multiple Detail and Form views. I wonder if there is a better way? Also, I wonder having too many Form/Detail views is also performance hit. I tried to delete them but looks like it creates them again.


When you get into complex style apps, this can really become an issue - as you’re finding. (^_^)

The standard solution to this is the following:

  1. Create individual inline views (table, deck, etc.) for each slice.
  2. Create a Navigation Action that takes you to the row, viewed from the table’s primary detail view
    • LinkToRow([RowID], "Main_Detail_View")
  3. Inside the “Event action” for your inline views (from step 1), select the action you made in step 2.

This then directs the app to show you the record the user taps on, but instead of taking you to a detail view for the SLICE it takes you back to the primary detail view.

  • This way you only have to manage the one detail view.

Same can apply for your form, you’ll have to create an action to take you to the specific form view you wish:


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