Too many Requests error - Critical Error

Anyone else getting this error on their Apps this morning (UK 8:15am)?
I have sent request to support.

All Apps on this datasource giving error. These are business critical Apps.


We see this (not often) with excel on onedrive as a data source. Do you have a sense of how many end users are attempting to use this app? Another common reason this occurs is that someone has the excel file open in onedrive, which will cause errors when writing to the file from Appsheet.

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Hi @TyAlevizos, Onedrive is our datasource. I was the only one in the Apps as the users had not started work yet. The Excel sheet was not open. I have had this error several times before. This time I put one of the Apps into Recovery mode and then back to normal and that seemed to fix the problem. Not sure if this was the solution or if Apps coincidently started working again then.