Tool Tips over Action Buttons?

Not sure how others feel, but when I use Actions and “display prominently”, I often wish there were hover tips to explain the action button function. When I add “non-standard” actions like “save as CSV”, it can be hard for the user to know what the button does.

Maybe a press-and-hold on mobile devices like the graphs? Anybody think this is worth doing and does appsheet team think this is possible?


HOW DO FEEL ABOUT ADDING TOOLTIPS as a feature to Actions?

    • I wish Action Buttons could have hover tips so users knew what the button actually does
    • I don’t really care for hover tips and am just fine with blind button clicking.

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Also… go ahead and press the vote button at the top of the page if this feature interests you.

The confirmation message is meant for that purpose so the user won’t need to press something as blind. Do you think that would not be enough?

The problem with using confirmation messages for help is it adds another click for every single user, while tooltips provide optional guidance. Those that need it use it, and those that don’t can skip it.