Tools/Ideas for iOs screenshots

Hello everyone,
Im trying to upload my White label iOs app to App Store Connect.

I am asked to upload screenshots for every available screen size for iOs, and this is something I could not find on any AppSheet Help article nor in this forum.

Does anyone have an idea on how to achieve this without having to photoshop each screenshot to the right size? Im not very used to PhotoShop, and it would be an incredibly time consuming process.

I read some posts with people using Xcode for that, but mainly for apps created in the same program. I cannot find a way to succesfully upload my .ipa file from AppSheet to Xcode.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Awesome App! Thank you very much!

Although I am not sure yet on how to GET the screenshots from the running app with the correct size and proportion for all the different screens, so that I can upload those to the mock-up tool.

The appsheet editor only shows two views, either vertical phone or landscape tablet.

The app automatically stretches the screenshots so that they Fill the whole screen. Its not that bad for phone screens, but when applying to tablets, its just not right… Any ideas on how to get screenshots from the running app on different screen sizes (specially tablets??)