Top Monthly Tutorial Video: January

Last month I started a community challenge to encourage more video content, and to challenge myself to produce more/better videos.

January has come to a close, and so…

HERE IT IS! The first poll for the Top Monthly Tutorial Video! :trophy: :tv:

Post below if I missed any videos from January and I’ll add them to the poll (if it lets me) or include them in next month.

Everyone is welcome to join and submit their own videos or nominate someone else. :grin:
We could really use some basic tutorial videos in Spanish if anyone is interested in joining the challenge.

  • Forum members may submit their own videos, or nominate another member’s video.
  • Videos should be original, AppSheet related content, created by a forum member.
  • Submissions should link to a separate post, so create a new Tips & Tricks post first and then link it.
  • Linked posts/videos should be recent, but they don’t have to be the same month. So you can submit something form last month that just missed the voting deadline.

And if you have new submissions for February- please make a new post in #tips or #resources, first. Then you can link to that on the original community challenge post, tag me or send me a link and I’ll keep a list going each month.

Got an idea for a video?
Let us know what kind of tutorials would be most helpful and we can use those as ideas for next month!