TOTALHOURS () from beginning of current week and beginning of current month till now

Hi There,

Working with dates and specially time is rather confusing for me, therefore I really need to ask for help please.

I can not find the way to calculate the numeric value using TOTALHOURS() to get hours from beginning of current week till now in one formula and to get a numeric value of hours from beginning of current month till now.

Appreciate any help please.
Thanks in advance, Lovro

Hi @RECMAN_Systems,

The expressions in this post aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, but they may give you a better understanding of how to work with durations in AppSheet:

And here’s a good post by @Steve on rounding time:

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Beginning of current week to now:


Beginning of current month to now:


See also:


Thanks Steve you are a magician with time formulas.

But is there a solution to calculate only WORKING DAYS i/e WORKING HOURS?

Just as humble suggestion or expression request would be something like:

  • BOWEEK - Beginning of Week where you can choose when the week actually starts and Sunday or Monday or …
  • BOWWEEK - Beginning of Working Week where you can choose when the week actually starts and Sunday or Monday or …

Maybe even something to count working days i/e working hours from between two dates.

Or is eventually any thing similar already present in AppSheet? This would be extremely useful to calculate actual project performance.

Thanks again gor above solution and for future ones :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, AppSheet has a fixed definition of a week as Sunday to Saturday; there’s no way to change it. :frowning:

WORKDAY() might be useful for computing working days. There is no equivalent for working hours.

See also:

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Thanks Steve,

What would be eventually the formula for counting working days from beginning of the month till now?

Thanks in advance

Recently there was a discussion in the community on the topic and @OptimiX_XcrY has shared his expression and assumptions. I believe you could take a look at it.

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