Track the user


Is there any way to track the user for example if the user opens the app and views the new entry?


Please clarify what you mean by this. Track location? Track which users have looked at the new entry? Something else?

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Thank you for your reply, my question is for example i add an new entry and I want know if the user has viewed the new entry.

It is possible, depending on what views are used.

For example, in a Table view and a Deck view, there ia “Row Selected” behavior that allows you to attach your own customer Action.

Your custom action, could execute a group that:

  1. That updates to indicate the current user is about to look at the new entry.
  2. Then continues on to the normal view that shows the new entry.

We can provide better details if you can show (an image is best) what view you are using to show users the new entries.



Thank you for your help: My goal is that i want know if the user has viewed the new entry, please see below:
Admin can view all the entries old and new(the new entry have format rule colour).

The user can view just the new entry my purpose is that when the user clicks on the customer name and switches to details view the colour changes for example for customer or timestamp.

Please see below the users view


What you are showing is a Table view. Yo can use the suggestion above to attach a custom action to the “Row Selected” behavior of the table View.

You’ll want to create 3 (maybe 4 depending on your app structure) actions:

  1. Action 1 - update the current user viewed the new row. HOW this is implemented depends on where you intend to indicate a user has looked at the row. so more details are needed for this.

  2. Action 2 - a LINKTOVIEW() action that continues the row selection behavior to the normal Detail view.

  3. Action 3 - a Grouped action with Action 1 first and Action 2 second

Then you can attach the custom action to the Table view behavior

I hope this helps!!