Tracking App Link Clicks

App usage can be tracked in a few different ways:

Here’s an example of an app that is specifically using a couple Actions to track clicks on links in an app.

Every time a row is selected a ‘Grouped Action’ runs two actions:

  1. Open URL: The user is routed to an external link included in the data table
  2. Log Click: The data of the ‘Clicks’ column is changed to add 1 to the current value

You can test the functionality live with this app and see the link click count increase


Hi Peter,

I want to track how many times a particular action button in my app has been clicked.

Referring to option 3 in your original list of suggestions, when I use the Grouped Actions option, do not see “Log Click” as an option. I do not even see any data related operation.

Any ideas?

This might help. You need to look at a changecounter type column

Hi Simon,

I looked the link you gave, the changecounter type column only triggers/increments when a row changes. In my case, nothing is changing; user is just clicking on an action button.

I would have thought the options under grouped action set would have allowed me to increment a counter manually (or modify a row to trigger changecounter type column to increment), but I don’t see any such option as you can see in the screenshot I pasted earlier.

What am I missing?


I realized my mistake: LogClick action obviously had to be created first as its a custom action Peter mentioned as an example.

But when I create this “grouped” action to execute the sequence of action, the action button for the group action just does not show up on my detail view. Any inputs on that?

Hi Hassan - I would make sure you set your ‘grouped’ action to ‘Display overlay’ or ‘Display prominently’ (and make sure that action is associated with the connected table you want it to appear with).


I would also make sure you’ve set the ‘Open URL’ and ‘Log Click’ actions as ‘Do not display’.

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