Tracking changes of Crew on Vessel

Hello I’m using appsheet for the first time. See progress above.

Basically I want to be able to record Crew Changes onboard several vessels.

So far Ive been able to add Crew Members to the App and Vessels. I’m not sure what functions I should use to be able to select a date and a vessel ,add and or remove crew and generate a record of it . Also I’d like to see a list of all persons onboard at the current day

Your app is private, no one else can see it.

It would help if you described how your data and app are set up so far.

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Hi Marc_Dillon ,

I have 5 tables thus far

Documents, Seafarers(Crew), Vessels, Client and Replacements.

Seafarers have Many Documents
Client have Many Vessels

I’ve got these functions working as intended.

Where I’m lost is how to record Crew going on and off at specific Dates

The Crew are not permanently assigned to any vessel

I’d like to select Multiple Crew to sign them ON and OFF , keep a log of when those changes occur and be able to show who’s onboard at the present day.

This is a mock up of what I want to do eventually.

I’d suggest an additional Table for recording of Crew versus Vessel on a specific date.