Tracking My Route on Map



I am trying to make my own App to monitor my running track by placing Start button in App to track my Running Time and the Distance covered & my Travel Route.
Is it possible if my GPS is continuously ON during my run to Track my Route and the End Button to Close it for the Day.

At the moment, this is not possible with AppSheet. The platform does not yet provide constant background updates of GPS coords from the device. Coordinate capture is only possible through a function call (HERE() is the function) and this means user activity within the app is required to capture.

Additionally, I do not think there is a way to draw between two coords to properly show the traveled path.

I have heard that AppSheet is diligently working on this capability and that if all goes well we might just have these capabilities within a few weeks.

I would kindly ask that you post a Feature Request describing your GPS capture and tracking needs so that AppSheet can consider them in their current development efforts.

Can I Add one Start Button by pressing which i can Get the Start time of my Journey and Similarly End to measure my performance. By this i will be able to at least see the duration of my run from starting time to End Time.

Yes you can certainly capture the Start Time and the End Time then calculate the duration.

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How can I do this can u Help how to make start button and getting Time on the response sheet when i pressed it

Sure! But first, what are you using as the datasource / sheet and how far have you gotten in building the app?

Yes please post your request with your scenario description as a feature request. This is something we are looking into, though there are a lot of complexity associated with “real time” location tracking as you might suspect.

Hi I am sharing sample of my App where you will find all the Details and how far i have reached. Its if a G-Form which i have and converted in Appsheet. Response is captured in Response sheet. I want to build an App where i can track My Running hours and Start and Stop Time. So far i am able to get Lat long of Location but. i am not getting time when i press Start button the Time is recorderd in the responce sheet similarly End time also to track my running hours. go through the screen shot and help me find out how to get out put in response sheet in current time format when i press it.

Hi @Paritosh_Singh Have you made any Actions to set your times or location?

Nope how to make it

Hi @Paritosh_Singh Check out this sample App for some ideas.


Has the real time geolocation feature been added since this answer in september?
I also need to track GPS in the background without the users interacting with the app.


HI Thib,

No it hasn’t been deployed. Back in December, we were really close to be done and ready to release it and then we got acquired by Google.
As a result, we had to pause this effort until we can bring up our infrastructure and our code to the level of compliance, privacy and security level that Google expect of any of its product. Now, this is an important task that the team is embracing wholeheartedly and pouring our heart into doing very expeditiously while we are also moving our infrastructure to GCP.
So we had to pause this effort for now, and will resume it once we are operating at Google’s expectations levels on all these fronts. I cannot unfortunately give you a precise timeline at this time as to when we will be ready to resume it.
I know this might be a disappointing answer and not necessarily the one you want to hear, I can only be candid about what happen and when I expect we might be able to resume working on it.



I’ve been waiting to see something like this as initial integration:

:heart: :heart: expecting more to come…