Tracking Withdrawal Details

Was trying to find a way to track back the users that withdraw the lab consumables. I had added the last two columns into the table in order to auto generate user’s emails and date of withdrawal. However, the problem is the second person that withdraw the same item will over-write the first person. Could you please advise what should be done to create a list of the users that involved in the withdrawal on each item (without over-writing the previous users)? Thank you.

Consider using a workflow rule that triggers on row adds and updates, with an action that adds a row to another table with the information you want tracked.


Hi Steve,
Thanks for the valuable helps. It is working fine.
Besides, I am trying to create a workflow rule to enable email alert when the “Current Stock” is less than “Buffer Stock”. Can you help to check whether the condition for the workflow rule below is correctly written?
CONTAINS({Current Stock},{Buffer Stock}): returns true if [Current Stock] < [Buffer Stock]

Thank you!

No, it wouldn’t work. CONTAINS() looks for a text fragment in a larger text:

I’d think you could just use:

[Current Stock] < [Buffer Stock]
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Hi Steve,
Thanks for the suggestion.
Regarding the tracking issue, I had created the row adds and updates, with an action that adds a row to another table with the information to be tracked.
However, I am still unable to find out where is the workflow rule to list down all the history data without over-write it. Could you please advise? Thank you

My idea was to the other table as a log file that keeps track of every withdrawal. The inventory table row would only contain information about the most recent consumer, and would be overwritten with each withdrawal. With each withdrawal, the update would be noticed by the workflow, which would add a new row to the other table with the new withdrawal information. To view the history, you would need to view that other table.

Hi Steve,
This is the Sample App that fulfil our requirement:

If you can open it and view the data from the “Product” file, there is a list of the dates for the same product . For example:
Related Sales
2/22/2018 11:13:16 AM , 8/1/2018 9:21:05 AM , 8/1/2018 9:23:32 AM

I had tried my best to follow all the formula from the Sample App, however I can only get one date with overwritten from previous dates instead of a list of the dates. For example:
Related Withdrawn

Apologies, I had changed the Date to Timestamp and it seem worked. So, please ignore my previous enquiry. Thank you.

Hi Steve,
I have created a few AppSheet that connected to my Google Sheet via my Google account login. As this is my personal account, my boss had advised me to open up a new account for corporate use which can be access by her and my colleagues. Is there any way to transfer my AppSheet to another Google account? Otherwise, it is time consuming to redo all the AppSheet with another Google account.

Besides, is it possible to backup the templates of the AppSheet into any devices in case there is any technical problems in future? This is to prevent any risks of data lost or damage. Can it be done if we have sign up the AppSheet license PREMIUM plan?
Thank you.

Dear Steve,

My AppSheet currently have 4 users including me. Is it possible to reduce to 2 users? The 2 users will be remain my account plus another new email account:

My account: []

New account: []

I had tried to delete one of the users email and replace with []

However, there is no any email invitation received by [], although I had clicked a few times on ‘Send reminder’. Please advise how to solve this problem.

Thank you.

Please contact directly for help with this.