Transfer Account

Is there a way to transfer an Appsheet account from one email to another.
I have some licences and apps on one email account of an employee that no longer work with us and I want to change the ownership of the licences mainly, also the apps but that is easier.

Licenses are not tied to any specific app but rather the account itself. A user can use an unlimited number of apps with the same license.

Once you have transferred ownership of the APPs, you will need to then reduce the number of licenses on the source account (unless there are still apps in use by users) and then adjust the licenses on the target account accordingly.

Again, keep in mind, that users only need a single license per account. So, if the users from the source account are already users in the target account, you should be covered by license count on the target account.

But, don’t worry, AppSheet will politely inform you if you need to increase licenses. However, they don’t track if you have NOT used all of the paid licenses. So, make certain of your number of users and closely track the usage of the apps for a while to understand how many users are actively using the apps. then adjust your licenses accordingly.


The transfer of the apps is not an issue for now. The thing is that a user bought some licences using a promo code and now that user no longer work with us; I want to change that user’s email address but I don’t want to lose the promo code from with that user bought the licences.

If you know the Promo Code, see if it will work under the target account. If not, contact AppSheet and explain the situation. They are very good about that sort of thing and will likely issue a new Promo Code under your account.