Transfer App to another account

When I transfered the APP all the photos stopped working. I got a lot back going, but some still are showing the exclaimation point. I tried everything, sharing the photos… etc. PLEASE HELP!

Hi @Dan_Oliphant,

When you add an image to an AppSheet app, two things happen:

  1. The image is stored in a folder within your cloud service account
  2. A relative file path to that image is written to the image column of your spreadsheet

The relative file path starts from the folder where your spreadsheet is located. For example, an image could have the following relative file path:

AppSheet is looking in the same folder where the spreadsheet is located for another folder called “Reports_Images”. Inside “Reports_Images”, AppSheet is looking for an image file called “b8c7039c.Image.164306.png”.

To fix your your issue, start by looking at the spreadsheet and checking the relative file path for the images. Then check your cloud storage account to make sure the image file exists in that location. You may need to create a folder inside the cloud storage account of the new app owner. Then move the image files into this folder.

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