Transfering control of an app?

I’m looking over appsheet and wondering if it lets me transfer control of an app once it’s done? Like if I put an application together for somebody else is there a way for me to transfer control and billing to them without them having to put them through the signup process themselves, such as a short link or account within the app to transfer ownership, one thats separate from my own?

Hi, yes you can transfer the app. Please check this article…

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I guess what I’m asking is if I could do ‘packaged software services’ with appsheet?

I have an automechanic shop owner who wants something custom and I want to be able to handle the billing (like an subscription service) but give him access to the ability to administer the app. He’s not remotely tech savvy so if say, I transferred ownership to him, he might log in and accidentally change something.

You know what I’m saying? Separating the editting capability from the administration capability? Is that something thats possible?

If the app is in his account you can’t force that he would not be able to modify the app as well.

The way I mainly do it with my UK clients is the App is created on my Google & Appsheet accounts, and I do all the Dev work. I then bill them myself for the monthly licenses they use. But I’ll only transfer the control of the App to them if I become unable to do the work, or we really fall out.

I also have clients who have just started out with Appsheet and just need some initial help getting them ‘over the line’ to the point where the App works. So these are using their own Google & Appsheet accounts. Once I’ve done that bit of work, the responsibility it then entirely theirs.

Unless your client is going to continue to develop the App themselves, and takes on board the responsibility for breaking the App if the try to do so. I would not suggest giving them access to the definition. I’d go with the first option above. The money they are saving it negligible. But you really don’t want to get into a situation where they have broken the App, claimed they haven’t touched it, but then demand you spend 4 hours fixing it.

I did 15+ years repairing computers, and used to get this all the time…