Transfering file data between 2 sheets

I am trying to transfer file data between two sheets, but I just need that TEXT from the file column. When it transfers instead of just transfering the text


it transfers this…

I have tried TEXT([col]) but it still doesn’t work

How are you doing this?

What did this output?

the same

but when I look at the column in the original sheet it appears like this.


I am doing this through the action Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row

Seems to work for me.

unfortunetly its not working for me. I am trying to go from a mysql database to a google sheet. Not sure if that matters


i have two tables of data. one in a mysql database and the other is a google sheet. I set up an action to add a new row to another table using values from this row. One of those values is a file. I wish to transfer the text from the file column of the mysql database to the google sheet. I thought it would be simple, but every way I try to just transfer the text it spits out this on the google sheet…

Does it output the same when you test the expression from the expression assistant?

What is the column type of the destination column in Google Sheets? If it is an Image column, maybe try it as a Text column.

it works when I make a VC with the text, then transfer the VC to the spreadsheet.

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