Transfering ownership to another account


When i first created my first app on appsheet, i use my personal email. However, it gets more and more complicated as workflow report mix with my personal email and it took me some time to find the email i want. Thus, i would like to create a new gmail account and uses this new google drive for appsheet only.

The apps i have created is already running and all of its data is stored in previous gmail drive, how do i change the ownership to the new gmail account including all of the data?

Thank you

Add the new email address as a co-author to all the apps that you want to transfer. Then switch to your new account. You will notice all the apps under "Co-authored Apps* section. Click on the down arrow next to the Preview button and click on copy. If mentioned or seen as an option, click on Copy app data as well. After the process, the copied app will be opened in the app editor. Repeat the same process for each app you want to take a copy. After all have been copied, you can remove the co-authorship from your personal account.