Transferring Apps between domains I just trie...

(Keith Winston) #1

Transferring Apps between domains I just tried to transfer an app (from Acct1): I shared it with the other account (Acct2), set “Add as co-authors”, gave it definition edit permissions, switched to that account (different browser: Chrome & Opera), and copied it. I noticed I couldn’t find it on my Drive (that is, I didn’t see any of the files), and when I opened it & went to Data/Tables/View Source, it gave me a “you don’t have permission” message. I can run the app copy fine. I suspect the problem comes down to the fact that Google won’t allow transfer of files across domains (I believe). I can copy all the data files individually, creating them anew with proper ownership. But aren’t I going to have all kinds of problems when I try to re-direct my app to these new tables (as in, I’ll loose all my field-specific stuff: references, valid-ifs, dereferences)? It feels like recreating the app. Further strange things happen, but I think the above captures the core problem.

(Keith Winston) #2

Oh, just to be clear: Google domains. That is, two different Google accounts in different domains, all the data is in one of those accounts. It appears that when I “copy data” with the app copy feature, it creates new sheets in the original owner’s account, not the new, copiers’ account.

I can sort of restate the problem: If I want to redirect my app to use a different table: same column layout exactly, same name if you like, but owned by a different account, is there a way to do that gracefully?

Finally: I wonder if I could copy the files out of Google to some other source, and then back into the new Google account? that’s a lot of work… and I’m not sure it’s possible.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

If I understood your post correctly, you didn’t signed out & in before you made the copy. The process should be… 1) Add the 2nd account as a co-author 2) Sign out 3) Sign in with the 2nd account 4) Open the app from “Co-Authored Apps” 5) Manage > Author > “Copy App”

(Keith Winston) #4

Google accounts work per browser: I routinely have 2 or even 3 browsers open (I don’t mean same-browser windows: I mean different browsers. I typically use Chrome, Opera, and Firefox). I can go to Drive in each one, open documents in each one, etc. It’s actually really, really convenient, and I rely on it every day. I dont’ know if you’re telling me Appsheet works differently? I can’t really imagine that’s true, but I’ll try your suggestion.

(Keith Winston) #5

Okay, sorry if I was snippy: your suggestion worked fine. I have gotten so used to the way Google accounts work, I take it for granted, and I wasn’t appreciating that Appsheet signins don’t work the same way. Everything appears pretty good, except for the fact that I deleted my core copy of the app in the middle of all this… I wonder if people have thought out the backup process at all? It seems like it might not be readily possible except at the Pro levels, with versioning…

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

With the Chrome you can have more than Google account open at the same time, but you can have only one Appsheet account opened at the same time. You can have more apps opened from different accounts, but if you try save the app version, it will fail.

(Keith Winston) #7

Yes, that makes sense.