Translate app - into another language?

Does Appsheet have the ability to either:

Translate English to another language (Spanish)?
Have sub titles?

I have many workers using the app now - and some only read and write in Spanish.


Hi Tiger,

Have you tried the localize tab under the UX section?


The following post in the “Tips and Tricks” category should be of interest:

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i looked there- is there a configuration i am missing? I don’t see where you can change the language.

Kirk - Thank you so much. This worked for me…

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Thanks Kirk! Tiger - If you would like, I’m happy to sit with you for 15 minutes and chat about your app and what future goals you have on it. You can book me here:

Thanks @Billy_Sheng! I think I’m OK for now but I assume this invitation is open to @Tiger, right?