Translate keys returned from Select statment

I have a form already has the “Client ID” in it

Next step is to select a Goal from the Goals that have been assigned to the client (for this example “a541ce98”) using a Valid If statement

I used Select( Goal assignments [Goal], [Client] = [_THISROW].[Client] )

The goal column is reference column to the Goals table

The results I get are just the applicable Keys listed in the “Goals” column of the “Goal Assignments“ table. How can I have it translate that in the goals listed I the “Goals” table?

Goal Assignments

Goal Assignment ID Client Goal
60a8ea32 2ff7ea76 e7270592
6348ad07 a541ce98 f63db96b
41d96929 a541ce98 c1cd7a37
338a2324 a541ce98 0d78d9de


Goal ID Goal
f63db96b Running
c1cd7a37 Swimming
0d78d9de Biking


Provided that [Goal] in Goal Assignments is a Ref type, and If you have additional column in the goal assignments to capture the Goal Label, you may get the label by an App formula something


Edit: I am not too sure about the Client relation. But for the [Goal] in Goal Assignments, if you just want to show its label rather than the ID, you can just make [Goal] in Goals table as Label.

The Client relation is that I want this drop down to only display the goals that have been assigned to this client.

I tried [Goal].[Goal] in the app formula, No Luck. Instead of return a list of key values for the goals assigned to the client, it returned noting.

My Client ID is “a541ce98”

When I click the Dropdown for goals it shows
These are the Goals Assigned to this client

I am trying to get those values to return value from the Goals Table

f63db96b = Running
c1cd7a37 = Swimming
0d78d9de = Biking

Is the [Goal] in the Goals table has been assign as the label?

I Just fixed it.

Rather than
Select( Goal assignments [Goal], [Patient] = [_THISROW].[Patient] )

I used

Select( Goal assignments [Goal Assignment ID], [Patient] = [_THISROW].[Patient] )

Now I get the values with their labels instead of their keys