Tried my app on the phone and it said that it...

(David Joyce) #1

Tried my app on the phone and it said that its blocked, so I looked at in the app editor, App Info pane

App Info summary: 10 monthly users

but when I drill down appsheet reports only 6 unique user ids. What gives? Is it because the app is in deployed state?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

@David_Joyce, please look at your entire account, not just the users of that one app. Your account page shows you overall account usage.

(David Joyce) #3

Ok. I returned the app to prototype state (we are still testing this version anyway), and the problem went away. I then checked the account (See screenshot). Over the whole account, there are still only seven unique users.

Do you still recommend that developers maintain different appsheet accounts depending on the status of the apps they develop? I know that in the past, if I had a paid-for app and a prototype app (essentially free) under the same account, and the paid for got blocked for some reason, this would affect the prototype app

(David Joyce) #4

Im about to give a copy of the app to a second organizational unit.

So they would have their own spreadsheet of data to maintain using the app. The organisational unit I originally developed the app for may be moving to a paid for version. But both apps would be under one appsheet account

So I would really like some sort of answer to this question?