Triger Action upon adding a row

I am using the Tasker app to add rows of data to a google sheet that is a table in my appsheet app. To my understading, i can now use Automation to trigger an action in my app based on that? I tried playing with automation and nothing happens. So two scenarios:

  1. Automation only works with data added by appsheet
  2. Im doing something wrong with setting up automation

Any idea?

We need the confirmation from Appsheet team if our understanding is correct or not. @prithpal @Dan_Bahir

Google spreadsheet add-on , Appsheet Events, is capable of detecting the change of value in the sheet, when the user is open Google spreadsheet app and directly interacting this app. Add-on just notice when you change the values when you are on the spreadsheet. When you close the google spreadsheet (as app), then this Add-on will not do the job.

If you make a change to the spreadsheet with Add-on from external service like your task app, then Spreadsheet add-on have no idea, as the event is happening to trigger the automation, as it is not getting through google sheet as application.

Confusion is coming from here.

From app creator point of view, we use spreadsheet as data source, so googlesheet is kinda of back-end service in this respects. This is true. But when it comes to Appsheet Events add-on, this is working as installed tool to google sheet as app, so it is not a backend servce but front end service (working on the clients devices)


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The reason why we develop app with appsheet is we dont want to let the user / colleague to use the spreasheet directly, as data is easily messed up data on the sheet. So we limit the access to the spreasheet to the super user or admin for app only.

From my own prospective, Spreadsheet add-on is great tool, but it will not be in user for my apps.

If this add-on could extend the capability to detect data change purely as BACKEND services, then tons of usages.


You are coŕrect. I had thouguts of building a google sheet interface for a user, then came to realize the potential of him ruining the data.

Yes, playing with spreadsheet directly will mess up easily.

Also imagine. Once the user change cell value. Then intially they change value wrongly. Then they made N number of time to get the final value to this cell.
Then automation will run N number of time, like sending email etc etc.

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@prithpal Your consult would be mostly appreciated

Hi Ami,

You can make it work albeit via a workaround (without automation) by using App Script (Triggers) and OnChange event on your google sheet, so as soon as a row is added by the Tasker app. You can then call the action in your Appsheet from the function mapped to the OnChange Event. Let me know if you want to explore this direction and if you have questions.

@Asif_Khan What would make appsheet trigger?
I wrote a few Gas before, never knew they can trigger appsheet.

Invoking an Action | AppSheet Help Center. This article explains how to invoke an action via API. you can call the API from GAS.

In order to use that i need a specefic plan dont i?

So i tried something new (Didn’t work)
I again sent data with integromat to my google sheet, than ran a google app script to manipulate the data and still nothing happened on appsheet.
I realy hope someone from appsheet will comment here

For a bot to execute a process based on a data change event on the Sheet, you need to ensure that you have configured the AppSheet Events Add-on. (Instructions are included in the primer that went out with the release notes). have you done that and are still not seeing your process execute?

Hi, i have done that. The only time an event triggers is when i make a change with an appsheet action to google sheet, otherwise it does not detect the change. I have also tried running a google app script that makes change to the sheet, appsheet still didnt detect the change.