Trigger a bot on tables with securitiy filters

I have a bot which is supposed to update a timestamp in a table and eventually there are columns with formula to calculate data from another table. Both tables have security filters based on userID. when I manually activate timestamp change action with a button by various users it works fine and data is calculated for each user individually, but when I put it on schedule, all individual users get results based on the selection by user= admin. Am I missing something? I though bots would be triggered for each individual user and calculate data for each individual user when security filters are set so?
I really tried all kinds of possibilities and got stuck with this.
thanks for any response.

A schedule Bot is run by the server.

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I think the answer might be that when a scheduled bot runs, UserEmail() = NULL. So alot of formulas which reference this will fail or act odd

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Hi Simon. Thanks for swift reply. Is it mentioned somewhere in documentation that bots are running above security filters?

Hi Marc,

Thanks for feedback

This means no security filters are working and each formula needs to make a selection for each user?

Thats an option in the bot, but its not on by default

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If your Security Filters are based on the user, then no, they won’t work when something is being processed by the server.

I don’t know what you mean by this. You may need to provide more details about what you’re trying to do.

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An screenshoot could help

Table USERS:

Bot UPDATE USERS. With update for each row

When security filter is empty - all lines update timestamp and recalculate to the same RP,AP and TP

When security filter is [id]=USEREMAIL() - only first row is updated (see different timestamp on the screenshot)

The goal is that when a bot updates timestamp each row updates RP,AP and TP taking into account security filters. Values in RP, AP and TP are different for each row. This has been manaully checked.
Moreover, if I only test timestamp update via action button accessing app as a different users - all calculations take place correct. E.g. update made fro 3rd row accessing app with useremail stated in [ID] column of 3rd row:

Does the first row’s [id] value happen to be the same as the email address of the app owner? I believe when the server processes something, USEREMAIL() returns as the owner’s email. In such a case, your Security Filters would prevent the server from seeing the other 2 rows. Probably a perfect case for usage of the “Bypass Security Filter?” setting in your Event. Unless your calculations themselves also use USEREMAIL(), but perhaps that could be changed to just using the [id] value.

BTW, you forgot to redact the email addresses in your 3rd screenshot.


I’ve found this:

I guess it applies to bots


Reports are Scheduled Bots

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I mean Bots is the new thing under Automation that replaces Workflows and Reports. The reference to the docs are for the old thing but I think it should apply in this case

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thanks for comments. It seems you are showing wright direction. I am changing formulas to introduce [ID]. Will give a feed back later on

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Thank you, it seems to me this clarifies my issue. I will rework my setup and give a feedback in this thread

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