Trigger a task on selected rows

I’ve enable row selection and I’ve created an email template task. Is there a way to trigger an email template to go out to the selected rows?

Templates are only applied by workflows, reports, or bots, and cannot be applied merely by selecting rows.

@Steve I see. Yes I created the email under a workflow. Now I just need to be able to selectively trigger it. I suppose I can ad a field that once checkmarked the workflow sends the email and then unchecks the field after the email is sent. But do I have to create a new field for just this? Any better ideas?

That’s a valid approach, yep.

Yep. :frowning:

Not necessarily “better”, but different would be to have a separate table that records the selected rows, then generate the email from that separate table. This approach wouldn’t require changing the existing table, but introduces other challenges.

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