Trigger a task with an action

Hi there,

since Workflows are gone, I am searching for a possibility to trigger an email task by pressing on an action.

I can’t do this by writing data to a helper column (and triggering the email task by an data update event) because the action needs to appear on the detail view from a read only table.


How did you trigger the email with workflows? Events have all the same options to trigger as a workflow had so if it wasn’t available before its not available now and vice versa.

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To be honest, I just started, so I didn’t know exaclty that this wasn’t able with workflows in the first place.

So is there no way to trigger an email sending task with an action?

Welcome, so you could make another table that you add a row to which will trigger the automation and send out your email using an add a new row to another table using values from this row action.

So depending on the contents of your email you can either just put all the values you need into that new table or you can use reference’s or SELECT/LOOKUPs to find the data you need for your email.


See Sending Email from an Action Button here: